Pre-Planning is the process of arranging
for a funeral needs in advance.  We
specialize in funeral prearrangements and
can assist you with all aspects of funeral
planning.  There are several advantages
to Pre-Planning:
Pre-Planning enables you to sit down with the funeral director to consider alternatives, make decisions and ensure
that your wishes are fulfilled.  Death is a difficult subject to discuss, however doing so in advance of need permits you
to make thoughtful decisions without grief or stress.

Pre-Planning minimizes the financial burden that survivors must assume.  When you select your options, merchandise
and services that you prefer, you also have the opportunity to prepay for your arrangements at today's prices.

Pre-Planning your funeral arrangements allows you the comfort of knowing with certainty that your wishes and
financial obligations are well in hand.  You minimize the possibility of disagreement among family members and
eliminate unplanned financial obligations for your loved ones.

Finally, Pre-Planning provides you and your family with peace of mind.  Everything is taken care of according to your
wishes.  Pre-Planning is a gift that you give to your loved ones.

Do I have to pay for my own funeral now?
No.  Many people just want to have their final arrangements known in advance.  Pre-Planning enables you to decide
upon the type of ceremony you want.  You may select a casket, and address other details that must be handled upon
your death. Knowing your wishes is the most important aspect of Pre-Planning.  Sparing your loved ones the need to
gather information, make a number of decisions and address the financial aspects of a funeral are also important
reasons to Pre-Plan.

Do funeral prices increase?
Like everything, prices are determined by the economy, and by costs.  However, when you prepay for your funeral
arrangements, you lock in a fixed price for your merchandise and services.  Pre-Planning is a wise financial decision.

Is my funeral prepayment secure?
When you make advance payments for funeral-related services and merchandise, your funds are placed in an
irrevocable trust in accordance with state law.  The trust is secure: it is insured and your investment earns interest
over time.

How can I begin the Pre-Planning process?
Just call the Tredway-Pollitt-Staver Funeral Home to set up an appointment.

Tredway - Pollitt - Staver Funeral Home is here to serve your family.  You can trust Tredway - Pollitt -
Staver Funeral Home to fulfill all of your final wishes.

Please call us at (513) 631-0311 with any questions.
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